Hank  Adler

(What likely Democratic Party issue do you find yourself disagreeing with your party?)--- Please simply identify the issue.

Mr. McCain: Assuming a scenario of Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress, name a single piece of legislation that would likely come from that Congress which you would veto? (What likely Republican Party issue do you find yourself disagreeing with your party?) --- Please simply identify the issue.

6. Abortion: Assume that to end the abortion debate for time eternal, it was your decision and your decision alone to determine the last date, if any, that abortion should be allowed to be performed legally. Assume that a woman’s physical health would not be impacted by the abortion. What is the latest date you believe an abortion should be legal? Just the last month in which abortion should be legal, not a discussion of abortion or the physical condition of the child. (If you believe that under any circumstances it could be permissible to allow a living baby outside the womb not to receive necessary medical help, please so state.)

7. State Government Financial Crisis: Assume State X has been spending more than its revenues for years and has now reached the point where the private markets will not lend them additional funds unless they reduce spending. Would you approve long term financial bailouts for such states and if you would, what steps would you require such states take to insure that the Federal government is repaid?

Thanks Bob ------- Hank

Hank Adler

Hank Adler is an Assistant Professor at Chapman University.

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