Hank  Adler

While it is the contention of both myself and Mr. Bartlett that the rich will undoubtedly be the mega-beneficiaries of the proposed FairTax, Mr. Kotlikoff’s acknowledgement that there would be double taxation to anyone, rich or poor, who saved money for their retirement is of great importance.

Older generations are and should be a concern of most Americans. Endorsing a tax plan that penalizes Americans who have saved money for their retirement is a pretty interesting position. Penalizing older Americans with double taxation because the government has determined to subsidize medications that keep them alive is, well, a bit beyond the pale.

The double taxation element of the proposed Fairtax is not an issue solely for the rich. It is an issue for anyone with any savings, including and particularly for the retired individual who has been responsible and saved for retirement. It is not an issue which is ameliorated by a monthly prebate of $188.00 which theoretically covers taxpayers at the poverty level; having income $1.00 beyond the poverty level does not make one rich.

The very thought of subjecting the savings of responsible social security recipients to double taxation on their savings should be a notion which is repugnant to Americans.

Hank Adler

Hank Adler is an Assistant Professor at Chapman University.

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