Hal Scherz

Much has been said about the dismal failure which is the rollout of the healthcare.gov website. There has been contempt and outrage from the Right, shock, disappointment and embarrassment from the Left, and befuddlement from the Obama administration and everyone associated with this fiasco. President Obama in his first statement following the web site calamity claimed that “no one in America is madder than he, about this problem”. That is simply an inadequate defense. He is the CEO of America and this is his signature law; his name is even attached to it. All of the blame rests with him. However, there are about 200 million Americans, 65% of the country who object to Obamacare and want full repeal, so it is safe to presume that they are madder than the President about all of this.

Individuals close to the “healthcare reform” fight have predicted the events unfolding before us now. Docs 4 Patient Care and other groups are on record going back to 2009, explaining that government involvement in healthcare has been expensive, wasteful, and inefficient, and that Obamacare would add to this exponentially. Medicare was passed in 1965 and projected to never exceed $10 billion annually. Now it accounts for $500 billion each year and there are over $30 Trillion in obligations to Medicare recipients for future care. Obamacare through trickery was estimated to cost $975 Billion over 10 years, but even before implementation, those costs have soared to almost $3 Trillion.

If President Obama is the name attached to the Affordable Care Act and the federal government overreach into healthcare, then Kathleen Sebelius is the face. When Congress passed the ACA and the President signed it into law, she was instantly elevated to a position of unlimited power over healthcare. She became the "healthcare czarina". Everything about healthcare filtered through her office. All of the 159 new federal agencies that were created by this law, all activity pertaining to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and complete control over implementation of Obamacare, including the website healthcare.gov and the rollout of the healthcare law. To listen to her excuses surrounding this disastrous launch, one would get the impression that she was an innocent bystander, and not the project supervisor. But this type of response from her is all too familiar.

Hal Scherz

Dr. Hal Scherz is the Chief of Urology at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Atlanta and Secretary of the Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation.