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Not surprisingly, Limbaugh reserves some of his harshest language for passages addressing the Obama White House’s “Stalinist, 1984-style” efforts to silence and intimidate its critics, including talk radio and Fox News. Limbaugh inveighs against the imposition of “Gangster Government,” a term coined by writer Michael Barone, and shreds the image of Obama that his campaign crafted in 2008. “[Obama was] supposed to be this post-partisan guy, this healer,” Limbaugh says, “But actually he’s a bully. [Former WH Communications Director] Anita Dunn declared war on Fox News, cutting them out of the Sunday [talk show] marathon—but that’s just the beginning. Their attitude about speech, like Leftists, is not about freedom. They’re not about Constitutional rights. They’re about ‘ends justify the means.’”

Although the Obama administration has only held power for roughly 20 months, Limbaugh says the greatest challenge of writing this book was not producing sufficient material to fill a substantial volume (Crimes Against Liberty runs well over 400 pages, including citations), but rather to cut down and synthesize an overwhelming body of evidence from which to draw up a serious, albeit symbolic, indictment. “It could have been a lot more than [400 pages]. The hardest thing was to scale it down,” he says. Still, he believes his work is “very readable and encyclopedic in its thoroughness, and it really does cover comprehensively what [Obama]’s done.”

Crimes Against Liberty boasts testimonials from Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Terry Jefferey, and Ann Coulter—all of whom exhort readers to purchase Limbaugh’s book. You can do so online, or you can receive a free copy with a subscription to Townhall Magazine.

Full video of my wide-ranging, spirited interview with David Limbaugh can be viewed in part two and part three.

Guy Benson

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