Gus  Portela

Combating poverty shouldn’t mean spending more taxpayer dollars, in fact, quite the opposite. It means cutting through the bureaucracy of the 79 separate means-tested government programs to shed light on what works and what doesn’t. It means reconnecting people with communities by incentivizing core family values, fostering better elementary and secondary schools, and democratizing higher education. And most importantly, it means empowering people with tools and skills to reduce government dependency and creating opportunities for all.

“The question before us today – and it demands a serious answer – is how do we get the engines of upward mobility turned back on, so that no one is left out from the promise of America?” said Congressman Paul Ryan.

If we can answer that question then perhaps reading the score on Washington’s anti-poverty efforts will no longer be such a dreary task.

Gus Portela

Gus Portela is political director at the College Republican National Committee.