Gregg Jackson

Hillary may have been onto something. Apparently there really is a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy." Now it is conservatives who have discovered just how bigoted, hateful and dangerous Right Wing Extremists are! EBAR (Evangelical Bigots Against Romney) is trying to take down (just like they tried to do to Bill Clinton!) the only man in America who can slay the Dragon Lady (Hillary). The spirit of Salvador Dali is now in the building.

The Romniacs are in a lather over the evidence presented by various Romney critics around the country, including talk radio talk show hosts Sandy Rios in Chicago and Gregg Jackson in Boston among thousands of others in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. EBAR has laid on the table a bunch of evidence which Romney Kool Aid drinkers ("Don't you like know how totally Kool Mitt is?!") have countered with hissing and spitting insults, the most popular being: "bigot!!" The enemies are everywhere. Don't look out the window!!

According to Romniacs, anti-Mormon bigotry is: disbelieving Mitt is the Hillary-slaying savior-and it is the only reason he has a mere 12 percent national support among GOP voters.

Romney's campaign began with Romniacs calling those evangelicals who were not interested in Romney 'bigots.'" It is a fascinating variation of the gay agenda mind control device: Believe everything we believe or we will call you hateful homophobes! Hey, it worked.

After a week of the Kool Aid Drinkers arching their backs, hair standing on end, hissing and spitting insults and contempt, our original charges remain un-refuted

. What charges you ask? These are the charges the Romniacs have not refuted:

1. Romney's record shows he's a liberal. Like his three predecessors, Romney was a liberal Republican governor. Before him, Massachusetts didn't have a government-mandated health care law, gay marriage, or a Democrat governor. After him, it did.

2. His record shows he is pro-abortion. Although he has flip flopped on abortion for years, the health care law he left Massachusetts with includes abortion as a healthcare benefit, increased tax payer funding for abortion and mandates a Planned Parenthood appointee on the plan's board. John Haskins, one of Massachusetts' leading pro-family advocates, said, "The bottom line is more babies will be liquidated because of Romney's health care plan." Mitt claims to have had a pro-life epiphany courtesy of a Harvard doctor prior to signing the health care law mandating abortion.

Gregg Jackson

Gregg Jackson is a radio talk show host on WRKO in Boston and author of "Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies: Issue By Issue Responses to the Most Common Claims of the Left from A to Z."

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