Gary Beckner

Strikes, work stoppages, and union-style collective bargaining do little to advance the professionalism of teachers. Teachers in a modern workforce do not necessarily need one-size-fits-all salary and benefits packages that do little to recognize teachers who go above and beyond in their schools. Moving forward, AAE envisions a modern approach to teacher representation that promotes professionalism, collaboration, and excellence without a partisan agenda.

We often hear about the necessary reforms needed in American classrooms, but what we do not hear is that we need to overhaul the way our teacher workforce is represented. AAE is the change we need. By embracing a non-union professional movement for educators, we can work together to empower our academic professionals through a positive, new voice for the profession.

If you know a teacher, let them know about AAE and have them examine the difference themselves. Make a new school year resolution to tell a respected educator about the non-union alternative that brings professionalism back to the profession.

Gary Beckner

Gary Beckner is the Executive Director of the Association of American Educators.