Gary Aldrich

Cars of the future will have computers that record every mile, every gallon of gasoline consumed, and when you car exceeds the approved limit of travel, your visit to Aunt Flo or the Grand Canyon will be a no-no.

Hey, wait a minute! Cars already do this. And toll booths and GPS equipment you currently use can document every mile, every place that you visit.

In a socialistic future don’t think you will be able to sneak off to see somebody in a distant state. Police cars already have devices that screen vehicles’ license plates for computer records about car owners’ failure to pay tickets and taxes. And, with mobile computers and face recognition technology at the disposal of almost any officer, the technology certainly exists to enforce any future travel restrictions.

The greatest justification to discourage your right to travel freely is already well established. The socialists/progressives/liberals have handcuffed our ability to get more oil. How soon will it be until it is an environmental “sin” to use too much gas in your car? The movement to keep you home where they can keep an eye on you is well down the road.

Failure to pay attention to the assault on your liberty today means goodbye America and hello tyranny - tomorrow.