Gary Aldrich

When the FBI transferred me to Los Angeles in 1970, I saw every nook and cranny of LA County, including some neighborhoods recently ravaged by fire. On a muddy hillside there was a scorched foundation, and a hand painted sign lamenting, “We’ve seen fire and we’ve seen rain.” For as long as there has been recorded history, the hills surrounding LA burn annually, and this year is no exception.

California also has mudslides, sandstorms, and worst of all, earthquakes. Four days into my new assignment I was bounced out of bed by a 7.1 shake on the Richter scale. The dishes and glasses in our rented efficiency marched out of the cabinets and onto the floor.

Having grown up in South Florida, I was beginning to long for the good old days of 150 mile per hour hurricanes.

Today, fires, drought, and hurricanes are useful political fodder. Mudslides and earthquakes have not been politicized yet, but it won’t be long before they are.

In the Sixties, the Hard-Left used Civil Rights and the Anti-War Movement to further their march to totalitarianism. Now they use the environment. Everyone who studies history knows the Hard-Left cannot move their agenda forward without riding on somebody else’s movement. Or, they do it at the end of a rifle. Their endgame is harsh collectivism, with members of the Hard-Left firmly in control of people’s lives.

We need to understand that the Hard-Left is a relentless parasite and should be treated as a parasite. Instead, we politely tolerate this deadly ideology as if we have an obligation to do so. Have we become so brainwashed as to be unable to fight back?

We have suffered so much from the Hard-Left. Count the many ways they have forced us to alter our lives, not for the better. For example, while the French are safely enjoying nearly 80% of their energy from nuclear power plants, the Hard-Left in this country has shut down our development of nuclear power, forcing dependency on foreign oil. Today they are using the courts to halt new construction of coal fired power plants, because of the alleged “carbon footprint” of proposed new facilities. They won’t let us drill for oil nor will they let us build new refineries. Why do we put up with this oppression when in our hearts we know that they are wrong?