Gary Aldrich

A gay advocacy reporter recently asked Hillary Clinton a rude question about her sexual preferences during an interview. Sean Kennedy, News and Features Editor of The Advocate wanted her response to numerous curiosities surrounding her marriage to Bill - The Wanderer - and specifically if she preferred the sexual company of women.

Hillary Clinton advised that she is "not a lesbian."

Senator Clinton is counting on American citizens to ignore the larger issue – one that is routinely overlooked. Her preference is about gender, not about sex. The issue is not whether Hillary Clinton prefers women in bed. The real issue is whether Hillary Clinton prefers women in power.

The obvious answer is "yes!" In all that she has done in her years in the Senate, while in the White House, and as first lady of the state of Arkansas, there is no denying that she is a radical Feminist. Beginning at Wellesley College, Hillary was focused on women's rights and issues and women's rise to power. There is little evidence she is interested in anything else. All of her agenda items can be traced back to more power for women.

You and I can be curious about the vices of the powerful, but at the same time be smart about those we choose to lead us. I believe it is the media who is truly obsessed with sex when it comes to the off and sometimes on-duty activities of our celebrities and politicians, and I have the proof.

When I was shopping my book about the Clintons around to publishers, it didn’t take long to find a buyer, but he wanted to know, "Are there any sex stories in the material you have written?" I protested that my book was about the breakdown of national security and lack of civility in the White House! Yes, I continued, there are sex incidents I know about, but I don’t care to report those. He replied, "Gary, nobody cares about national security right now so the only way we can get your story out is to reveal some of that seamy side of the Clinton White House."

I thought it was important for as many Americans as possible read my first hand account of life in the Clinton White House, but I was very uncomfortable revealing such explosive information.