Gabriella Hoffman

· Historian R.J. Rummel says approximately 62 million people were killed in the former Soviet Union from 1917-1987 in his book, Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917.

· Roughly 45 million people were killed during Mao Zedong’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ from 1958-1962.

· 35,000 to 141,000 people were killed in communist Cuba from 1959-1987. (It’s still a communist nation, so that number is subject to fluctuate.)

· Over 100 million across the globe have died as a result of communism.

There are many of us with anti-Communist backgrounds speaking out against historical revisionism.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), son of a Cuban immigrant, often shares his family story to audiences. He’s inspired to fend off big government and moral relativism thanks to father Rafael Cruz’s influence. Like his father, Cruz speaks out against Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and stresses the importance of combating tyranny.

Congressional candidate Igor Birman, former chief of staff for Congressman Tom McClintock who’s running in California’s 7th District, escaped the former Soviet Union and came to America in 1994. Birman has amassed support for his campaign due to his story of fleeing tyranny for freedom. If he wins the June primary and later the general election in November, he’d be the first Soviet born representative in Congress.

Just like National Socialism, global communism deserves equal, if not more, condemnation. Fortunately, many Americans aren’t allowing its horrors to go unnoticed.

Radio Free Europe reports that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plans to prosecute former KGB officials residing here who’ve committed Soviet war crimes.

Additionally, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is planning to build a museum in Washington, D.C., by 2017 to properly honor communism’s victims and to educate Americans about its sordid history. (Please support the museum’s efforts here.)

I often write about communism here at because my family escaped from the former Soviet Union. My maternal grandfather was imprisoned in one of Joseph Stalin’s gulags at the Belomor Canal on the Finnish-Russian border for 18 months because he was Catholic and owned property. My father and his family faced institutionalized anti-Semitism for being Jewish. As a result, I refuse to be silent on the issue.

Much to the chagrin of naysayers, communism doesn’t need to be retried and “perfected.” It’s an equal opportunity oppressor. Why? It tortures and kills people of all races, religions, genders, ages, or social strata for not subscribing to its doctrine.

Fellow freedom-loving Americans: don’t let communists hijack May 1. Instead, use this day to commemorate victims of communism and to educate our peers about its horrors.

Gabriella Hoffman

Gabriella Hoffman works at Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute as the Northeast Regional Field Coordinator.