Fritz Pfister

The American idea that all men are created equal, granted unalienable God given rights is in the ICU with a decision to be made soon whether it will be transferred to a room or Hospice.

We are now in our fifth year witnessing Barack Obama bald faced lying to the people assisted by a corrupt liberal media. Obama is propagating division through class warfare, driving the economy toward the abyss with historical debt, failing to advance a recovery, smothering the private sector with leviathan laws/regulations/taxation, attacking our traditions, heritage, and customs.

For years Obama has demonized conservatism and Republicans making false claims they are blocking recovery. Obama makes outrageous claims conservatives would throw granny over the cliff by eliminating Social Security, destroying Medicare, and want sick children to fend for themselves.

So when John Boehner speaker of the house, and our last firewall of protection for the American idea was asked if he trusted Barack Obama, he responded; absolutely. At a time America needs strong principled leadership to block the progressive’s fundamental transformation of America Boehner fails. Boehner either agrees with Obama or he is a coward.

When Boehner was asked if he agreed with Obama’s claim there is no debt crisis, he said yes, there is no immediate debt crisis but there is one looming. This when more debt accumulated in the past ten years than the first two hundred twenty five years since our founding.

This proves Republicans do not have the leadership, integrity, or the conservative principles necessary to save America from its greatest threat since its founding. Big government statism is embraced by both parties leaving the individual without representation. That or Boehner lied.

Obama is taking a break from his campaign of lies on sequestration, golf outings, vacations, lavish parties, and is in Israel for a photo op. The president speaks in Israel with the conviction of a criminal at sentencing, by claiming to support Israel as he arms The Muslim Brotherhood.

Never fear, Harry Reid replaces Obama in the sequester campaign of lies going to the senate floor to blame the tragic deaths of seven Marines in a training accident on sequestration. This proves the radical Democratic leaders will forsake any principles, morals, truth to advance their destruction of America as founded.

If only the Republicans had the same determination and persistence to save America as Democrats have for destroying America as founded we might be able to have hope.

Fritz Pfister

Fritz began his Real Estate career in 1987 and has been with RE/MAX since 1989.