Fred Wszolek

The SEIU’s engagement in the private healthcare battle isn’t about a patient’s “life-or-death challenge” like their ads would lead Pennsylvanians to believe, it is about preserving their union membership (read: revenue) and footprint in the Commonwealth. This disingenuous approach was on full display when they were recently asked about Highmark’s CEO William Winkenwerder earning $4.3 million last year. Despite publicly attacking UPMC for their executive pay, SEIU declined to comment about the Highmark chief’s compensation, which is not a common practice for organized labor.

To be clear, WFI is not anti-union. We advocate for fairness in the workforce and believe that employees should have the opportunity to make informed decisions about workplace rules in an environment that is neither threatening nor pressure filled. Our organization is dedicated to ensuring that the private sector can thrive without the unfair and unnecessary interference of government bureaucrats, union organizers and special interests.

We encourage lawmakers in Pennsylvania to continue taking steps that ensure workers are never put in a position where their safety and freedoms are threatened, which is currently the case in Pennsylvania. At the same time, legislation affecting industry must never undermine the free market while giving unions bosses, such as those at the SEIU, a leg up with ample opportunity to organize and retain their stranglehold over Pennsylvania.

Fred Wszolek

Fred Wszolek is a spokesman for the Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI).