Fred Wszolek

What is also noteworthy about Obama’s NLRB is that the so-called independent federal agency has sided with labor bosses in most every major action it has taken. President Obama broke away from a longstanding precedent by appointing members that have worked directly for some of America’s largest unions. The NLRB is supposedly a non-partisan agency, but this has hardly deterred the President. As a result, Obama’s Labor Board has often rendered decisions that are beyond reason, perhaps the most prominent of which are Specialty Healthcare, which allows for the formation of “micro-unions” and a rule creating “ambush” elections.

Under the Specialty Healthcare decision, the Obama Board produced a misguided standard that allows Big Labor bosses to gain an easy foothold into businesses. With labor bosses unable to convince a majority of workers to support the formation of a collective bargaining unit, the NLRB decision allows for the formation of small unions in workplaces which do not represent the will of the majority of workers.

Regarding the NLRB’s ambush election rule, the federal agency sought to severely limit the amount of time between when a union files a representation petition and an election takes place. This prevents employers, especially smaller ones, from communicating with employees about unionization eliminating the ability of workers to make an informed choice.

While President Obama’s pro-union agenda is certainly beneficial to a small slice of Americans, it is undermining the confidence of employees and employers and harming the economy. In order for our economy to move forward business needs stability in the law which is not served when the President doles out favors and kickbacks to organized labor at the expense of the rest of the country.

This most recent appalling act of payback by the Obama Administration to the benefit of labor bosses is the equivalent of the President giving his benefactors a get out of jail free card while the rest of the nation must abide by ObamaCare. It is a slap in the face to everyday Americans who must struggle under the new law and all the costs associated with it.

Fred Wszolek

Fred Wszolek is a spokesman for the Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI).