Fred Wszolek

But anti-regulatory sentiment is best reflected in response to the NLRB’s complaint against the Boeing Company for opening a new non-union facility in the right-to-work state of South Carolina.  According to the Tarrance Group, “78 percent of voters side with Boeing in agreeing that a business should be able to open a facility in any state, and that the government should not be involved in the decision about where Boeing or any company locates new plants.”

The result of the Tarrance poll is fully supported by this week’s Rasmussen poll that demonstrates the depth of the opposition to Obama’s labor board with 59 percent of union members agreeing that Boeing should be able to operate its South Carolina plant.

It appears that President Obama is in tune, at least rhetorically, with the sentiment of the American people.  He recently stated in his address to a joint session of Congress that “[w]e should have no more regulation than the health, safety, and security of the American people require.”

Yet when it comes time to stand up for workers and businesses, the president’s words are hollow and he is nowhere to be found.  Instead, union bosses seem to be calling the shots.   American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) President Richard Trumka even brags about speaking with someone from the White House every day, including weekends.

With our economy stalling and millions of workers unable to find employment, Americans want strong and pragmatic leadership.  Yet the Obama Administration is unwilling to respond and restrain its left-wing regulators who are smothering job creators with onerous and burdensome new rules and regulations that inject uncertainty and anxiety into the marketplace instead of stability and confidence.  As a result, few employers are hiring, purchasing new equipment or expanding their businesses.  They are leery of the agenda being aggressively pursued in Washington and the effect it will have on their business.

If President Obama wants to turn our economy around, the polling data demonstrates a clear way.  He should step out from behind the teleprompter and tell his labor agencies to cease and desist from punishing employers and immediately stop the regulatory assault that is strangling our economy.


Fred Wszolek

Fred Wszolek is a spokesman for the Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI).