Fred Thompson

  • In highlighting and dwelling on America’s imperfections.
  • In isolationism.
  • In policies that will give the world the impression that we are weak and divided.
  • In declaring defeat even when we are winning.
  • In stopping or reneging on free trade agreements with other countries, and making the word of the United States less reliable.
  • In turning over the education of our children to the NEA.
  • In continuing to expand our entitlement program spending even as these programs are headed bankruptcy.

Today’s Democratic Party would persuade the American people that the government is the solution to all of their problems and that every economic downturn is because of a conspiracy against them.

They would change the definition of marriage and appoint liberal judges to set our social policy. In fact, they have thrown our court system into turmoil in order to ensure that President Bush will not be able to appoint any more judges in hopes that next year a new Democratic president can give us a new batch of judges approved by

They would bring about the biggest tax increase in American history.

And to lead this effort they apparently have nominated a man who keeps repeating, “Yes we can.” Well, America now knows what he means by that and our response is, “No we won’t!” Our vision is an entirely different one.

There are two things that have been firmly established on the American political scene over the last several years. First these liberal Democratic policies have been rejected by the American people.

I had the opportunity to help make that happen. In the 90’s, we passed welfare reform, balanced the budget and began rebuilding our military. Since 2000 we’ve cut taxes for all Americans who pay taxes and seen unprecedented economic growth. We have put two good justices on the Supreme Court. We passed the Defense of Marriage Act. These things could not have been done if the American people believed in what the Democrats are now trying to sell. I might also add that under President Bush’s leadership we did the things necessary to prevent another attack on this country.

The second thing that is clear is that the American people see the need for strong, experienced leadership in dealing with matters of foreign policy and international threats. Look at the world today.

  • The President of Iran again this week announced the impending destruction of the United States and Israel, as Iran becomes a nuclear state.
  • North Korea has already developed a nuclear capability.
  • The Taliban in Pakistan continues with their plans to drive allied forces out of Afghanistan.
  • Russia is belligerent and China is engaged in a rapid military buildup.

This is no time for on-the-job training in the White House for someone who thinks that polite conversation with state sponsors of terrorism is the key to our safety. But despite all of this the Democratic Party is nominating for President the most liberal, and one of the most inexperienced members of the United States Senate–a man who has never strayed from the official Democratic position on any issue or reached out across the aisle in any effort to compromise on issues important to our country.

Under his leadership the Democrats would take us down the road to greater reliance upon an expanded, and in many cases inept, government to a larger national debt and weaker national defense. We are not going to let that happen.

John McCain’s entire career, his entire life, has prepared him to lead this country in the troubled times we live in today. His story is one of sacrifice, courage, and placing the interests of his country above his own. There are scores of issues that will be discussed and debated during this campaign. And we won’t always agree among ourselves. We must ask ourselves what are the things most vital to the welfare of our country. I believe, among them must be the issues of national security, the taxation of American citizens, the appointment of judges who will follow the law and the Constitution and not make it up as they go along, government reform and life itself. And on these issues John McCain has and will stand strong. Whether it’s saying no to the continued expansion of entitlement programs we can’t pay for, correcting our mistakes in Iraq to ensure success or pork barrel spending of either party, while others wavered, he stood strong–sometimes almost alone.

It is clear that as the ever-moving political pendulum has swung against Republicans this year, we have probably nominated the only Republican candidate we can get elected. Obviously, I have (not) always been of that opinion. We must take advantage of this fact and stay united as Republicans for the benefit of our country. I know that folks in Pennsylvania appreciate this more than most. Any realistic scenario for victory recognizes the necessity of our carrying the State of Pennsylvania. We must be dedicated to the proposition that America’s greatest days are still ahead of her and that they cannot be achieved by turning the keys to this country over to the most left-wing elements of the Democratic Party.

Not too long ago I was asked by a group of 11 year olds why I was so interested in government and politics. I thought about it for a minute and then I said that, while I was interested in politics from an early age, as I got older I became more interested in what politics were supposed to do, like protect our freedoms. I told them that over the years as I read world history it dawned on me just how unique our country was. How a small group of intellectuals and a much larger group of average people, servants, tradesmen, some folks who had had run-ins with the law but all of whom shared a desire for liberty, came here, carved out a place in the wilderness and decided they could govern themselves. How they came up with a Constitution that was the envy of the world and still is. How they elected a President who could have been a king, but instead served his terms, got on his horse and rode out of town never to return.

How 70 years later at a place called Gettysburg another great President wondered aloud whether a government of free people could endure when the going got rough. He had faith that it could. And it did.

Every generation of Americans since, in order to protect this unique place, has shared this faith and made its share of sacrifices and done the things necessary to make sure that our country did endure strong and free. And now it’s our turn.

Thank you for all that you have done in this effort and I look forward to our working together in this election year to add another illustrious chapter to the history of our party and our nation.

Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson has been a lawyer, actor and United States Senator. He writes exclusive analysis and commentary for Townhall Magazine.

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