Frank Turek

Anyone who opposes same-sex marriage is wrong, says the “gay mafia”—the term the liberal TV personality Bill Maher gave to homosexual activists who “whack” dissenters. According to them, same sex marriage is now not only a “right,” no one has the right to oppose it. This new right is so powerful it has completely wiped out the old rights that our founding fathers enshrined in our Constitution: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association.

But we saw in the first column, same sex marriage is not really a right but a preference. Some call it a “right” but they are actually stealing the authority of rights from God and misapplying it to sexual behavior. They have invented a new moral “right” and are attempting to legislate acceptance of it on everyone else (actually, they are trying to have their new morality imposed by liberal judges).

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard, “you can’t legislate morality.” The truth is, all laws legislate morality. Morality is about right and wrong and all laws declare in a legal sense one behavior right and the opposite behavior wrong. So the question is not whether we can legislate morality, but “Whose morality will we legislate?”

Many don’t realize this because they lump morality and religion together. But laws can and do legislate morality without legislating religion. Few people in the political process are trying to tell others what church to go to or what religious rituals to observe. That would be legislating religion. But everyone is trying to tell others how to treat one another. That’s legislating morality. While religions may teach that people have certain moral rights (like a right to life or property), you don’t need to be religious to know those rights or to support them. You need God to justify them, but not to legislate them.

Frank Turek

Frank Turek is coauthor of I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, and the author of Stealing from God: Why atheists need God to make their case. See more of his work at

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