Frank Pastore

Posted January 14, 2008

I can say, along with millions of Americans, that Mike Huckabee has won our hearts. Now, he must close the deal and win our minds.

Posted December 18, 2007

Millions of Christian conservatives have the same angst I do: we’re willing to vote for Mitt Romney for president, but unwilling to compromise our Christian faith in the process.

Posted December 05, 2007

One says he is, but he shouldn’t be. Another says he is, but isn’t enough. Another says he’s always been, but wants to be more so. And, another says bluntly “Evangelicals are over-committed to the Bible.”

Posted November 04, 2007

Radio host and columnist Frank Pastore interviews Tony Perkins, former Louisiana legislator and president of the Family Research Council.

Posted October 21, 2007

I, a conservative Christian, am partly responsible for passing one of the most pro-gay agendas in American history.

Posted October 11, 2007

In follow up to my column considering a Human Life Amendment, I spoke with perhaps the most knowledgeable and experienced pro-life attorney in the country, James Bopp, General Counsel with the National Right to Life.

Posted October 10, 2007

Radio host and columnist Frank Pastore recently spoke with the founder of Focus on the Family Dr. James Dobson. The discussion centered on Dr. Dobson’s recent op-ed in The New York Times detailing why he will only vote for a pro-life, pro-family presidential candidate.

Posted October 07, 2007

We in the pro-life movement have got a decision to make.

Posted September 30, 2007

Quick! What’s the first image that jumps to mind when you hear the phrase “gay pride?” For millions of Americans it might be a rainbow sticker on a rear window, or perhaps an image of a smartly-dressed gay couple at a social event, or maybe the snapshot of a polite and funny gay character from a comedy show.

Posted September 23, 2007

All this health care talk can sometimes get confusing.

Posted September 16, 2007

Liberals love to say “The Bible talks more about poverty than anything else,' and from this they claim support for their increasingly socialist agenda.

Posted September 09, 2007

There are some things you just gotta do yourself. Someone else can’t lose your weight, quit your addiction, parent your kids, or confess your sins.

Posted September 03, 2007

I’m talking about the two discoveries that came out in August that should force all those “man evolved from apes” evolution charts in schoolbooks to be redrawn.

Posted August 26, 2007

What Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago gave to Elvira Arellano and her son Saul for a whole year was not really “a sanctuary” but more accurately “a hideout.”

Posted August 19, 2007

The ELCA and other pro-gay denominations have been ordaining gays for decades. That’s nothing new. What’s new is that now staff can openly have lovers while on the job and there will be no disciplinary action for violating the celibacy requirement.

Posted August 12, 2007

Liberals are predictably doing everything they can to win in 2008. Everyone knows a key part of their strategy is to “get religion” and trick as many Christians as possible to care less about the Bible, abortion and gay marriage and more about liberal policy positions: secularism, socialism, bigger government and higher taxes.

Posted July 29, 2007

Ahhh… The delicious irony of postmodern emergents asking me for evidence to support my arguments from last week’s “Why Al Qaeda Supports The Emergent Church”… when their relativistic worldview proclaims the futility of both evidence and argument.

Posted July 22, 2007

A post-Christian, post-modern, secular-socialist America will be no match for a radical Islam fueled by petro-dollars and threatening the use of nuclear weapons.

Posted July 15, 2007

Despite the wild popularity of their number one hit “Man Is Responsible for Global Warming,” I’m still not wowed by the music of Al Gore and his backup band, The Live Earth Hystericals. All their songs sound the same, and all their lyrics always reduce to the same one hook that’s also the title of their one hit song.

Posted June 17, 2007

Two of the three books Paris is reading have soared to the top of the New York Times “Best Sellers” list, thanks to being on Oprah’s Favorite Book list. And both are antithetical to the Bible.