Frank Pastore

It is so bad and thank goodness the Protect Marriage group is filing a quick lawsuit to try to block this from going in…. This is indicative of the culture war that you have been fighting nearly all your life.

Bauer: It really is. I’ll tell you something. I know Jerry Brown. I’ve been in debates with him, even one in which he was on my side in the question of our trade with China. But Brown is the kind of guy that always likes to think of himself as a progressive. He’s for clean government. He’s for fairness for everybody. He’s for making sure the system doesn’t discriminate, etc. Yet when we get into an issue this basic where the voters of California have already voted once on this question he is not above changing the rules, trying to stack the deck in order to confuse the electorate and make sure his side wins the battle on Election Day.

I think it’s outrageous. I think the attorney general out to be ashamed of himself.

Frank Pastore

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