Frank Pastore

• Under “Responsible procreation and parenting” I found the following:

Youth need the support and guidance of the church to resist cultural and peer pressures that encourage sexual intercourse prior to marriage. Open and honest discussion of sexual questions is to be encouraged, in ways that communicate God's guidance, forgiveness, and ongoing care. As a church, we affirm the importance of education about sexuality that emphasizes respect, mutuality, responsibility, and abstinence outside of marriage.

But, why should you try to “resist the cultural and peer pressures that encourage sexual intercourse prior to marriage” and value “abstinence outside of marriage” when your leadership doesn’t? Furthermore, does this statement imply anything short of intercourse is acceptable?

• Under “Promiscuity” I found:

Having casual sexual relations is sinful because this does not proceed from or contribute to respect, intimacy, and care of the other. Promiscuity is inconsistent with our identity as Christians (1 Cor. 6:12-20). Being sexually active in order to be popular or only to gratify sexual desire is morally wrong.

And, for what purpose do you think ELCA staff members are sexually active if not to “gratify sexual desire?” I’m sure ELCA editors are already working on new copy for the Web page that will bring what’s posted on the Web in line with what they actually believe—i.e., that it’s not “morally wrong.”

• And, under “Practices that spread sexually-transmitted diseases” there’s this:

Irresponsible, unprotected sexual contact can expose sexual partners to incurable and fatal sexually-transmitted diseases. Sexual practices that result in physical harm to another are sinful and must be countered. Education about sexuality should emphasize monogamy, abstinence, and responsible sexual behavior, as well as practices intended to prevent the transmission of disease during sexual intercourse. This church supports efforts to prevent, cure, and care for those afflicted with such diseases.

Let me translate. “For all our teens and adults, whether single or married, straight or gay, or laity or leadership, when you are sexually active we want you to always wear a condom.”

Apparently, that’s the new ELCA standard for moral purity. Enough of those archaic notions of monogamy, fidelity and abstinence. It’s simply been reduced to “be responsible—wear a condom.”

Thank God that at the Missouri Synod there are still Lutherans who are also faithfully Christian.

Frank Pastore

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