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Liberals are predictably doing everything they can to win in 2008. Everyone knows a key part of their strategy is to “get religion” and trick as many Christians as possible to care less about the Bible, abortion and gay marriage and more about liberal policy positions: secularism, socialism, bigger government and higher taxes.

This includes spinning conservative Christians with the yarn that their brand of Christianity is now obsolete and that “everyone important” is buying the “new and improved” progressive, emergent, sensitive, conscientious brand of Christianity that these new liberal Christians are selling. And, in order to become “cool, popular and relevant” once again, old Christian dogs will have to learn new liberal tricks.


Conservative Christians aren’t becoming liberals.

Believers aren’t becoming unbelievers.

And solid, Bible-teaching pastors are as popular as ever — they believe as I do that, “If you teach it (i.e., the Bible) they will come.”

It’s only because liberals still dominate the majority of print and broadcast outlets that you’re hearing so loud and so often about the “new and improved” evangelicals. But don’t believe the marketing/PR hype that conservative Christianity is somehow being overtaken by a kinder, gentler, more liberal and more tolerant expression of the faith.

It’s just not true.

You’ve got to see through their ad campaign.

Remember, it’s never about theology or religion for liberals: “It’s the politics, stupid!”

Take, for example, last week’s opinion piece in USA Today by Mark Pinsky, author of A Jew Among the Evangelicals: A Guide for the Perplexed, and a self-confessed “left-wing Jew” (he says so here). The piece is entitled, “Who Speaks for America’s Evangelicals?”

Pinsky, with obvious bias, asks,

Who speaks for America’s evangelicals? Will it continue to be bombastic, GOP-leaning, Southern preachers, such as the late Jerry Falwell, and strident, hard-line broadcasters such as Pat Robertson and Focus on the Family’s James Dobson? I don’t think so.

He then gives his preferences,

Frank Pastore

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