Frank Pastore

Despite the wild popularity of their number one hit “Man Is Responsible for Global Warming,” I’m still not wowed by the music of Al Gore and his backup band, The Live Earth Hystericals. All their songs sound the same, and all their lyrics always reduce to the same one hook that’s also the title of their one hit song.

But, great ideas, like great music, can stand the test of time. And they invite inquiry, investigation, dialogue, and discussion. Advocates of great ideas—true ideas—are not afraid of engaging in debate, especially when they have the arguments and the evidence at the ready—in the bullpen if you will.

Just like when I pitched in the big leagues: When you have your good stuff, you’re told to attack the hitters. When you don’t, you try to trick ’em for as long as you can, and just pray they hit the ball right at people. You can boast all you want, but the moment you step on that mound and start throwing the ball, everybody on that field is going to know pretty soon whether you’ve got your good stuff that night or not. You can trick major league hitters for only so long and then there’s nowhere to hide. I should know. Too often in my career I was the guy trying to trick ’em.

By repeating the mantra “the debate is over,” when thoughtful observers know it isn’t, the Hystericals are screaming one thing loud and clear for the whole world to hear: “We don’t have the science to back us up.” Or, to continue the baseball metaphor, “We don’t have our good stuff, and there’s no one in the bullpen.”

No. The debate is not over.

Here are three, simple, easy-to-remember questions you can ask those who sing along with Algore and the Live Earth Hystericals.

1) Why is it getting hotter on Mars without any SUVs and private jets emitting carbon dioxide? If it’s the sun that’s responsible for the warming on Mars, then maybe it’s also responsible for the warming of the Earth.

Frank Pastore

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