Frank Pastore

The Good Samaritan is good because of his generosity with his own resources. Why then are so many Christians eager to spend my money or the resources of others (through tax revenue) on what God is calling them to do?

Why are they so insistent that I should give more money to the poor, when they are free to give all that they own without restraint? Why do they want to raise my taxes—seize my property—as they portray themselves as compassionate and caring? Have they forgotten the commandment not to steal (Exodus 20:15)?

There is at least one more lesson we can derive that is valuable for the immigration debate: Private property is secured and protected by our ability to lock our doors and close our gates. Locked doors on private homes can be compared to secure borders to the national economy. Both protect the private assets that are on the other side; both elevate the value of the rule of law.

“Christian” supporters of open borders and amnesty using carefully-selected Bible verses need to be honest. Call your attempt to be generous with the property of others what it is: a form of theft. And call your socio-economic political public policy what it is: socialism.

And, if you—in effect—raise your own taxes by freely choosing to donate more of your own money to the poor of the third world, you might come a little closer to actually becoming…

Good Samaritans.

Frank Pastore

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