Frank Gaffney

Phase 4: “Open public confrontation with the Government through exercising the political pressure approach. It is aggressively implementing the above-mentioned approach. Training on the use of weapons domestically and overseas in anticipation of zero-hour. It has noticeable activities in this regard.”

Phase 5: “Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation under which all parties and Islamic groups are united.”

If any further evidence were needed of the threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood, consider the comments on Oct. 6 by Mohamed Badie, the Ikhwan’s virulent promoter of Shariah who was installed as its leader (Supreme Guide) last year. According to a translation provided by the indispensable Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Mr. Badie declared: “[Today, the United States] is withdrawing from Iraq, defeated and wounded, and it is on the verge of withdrawing from Afghanistan. [All] its warplanes, missiles and modern military technology were defeated by the will of the peoples, as long as [these peoples] insisted on resistance. Its wealth will not avail it once Allah has had his say, as happened with [powerful] nations in the past. The U.S. is now experiencing the beginning of its end, and is heading towards its demise.”

Barry Rubin, one of the most astute observers of the Middle East, warned within days that this speech represented a “declaration of war” by the Brotherhood, with it “adopting a view almost identical to al Qaeda‘s” but coming from “a group with 100 times more activists than al Qaeda.”

At first blush, it seems incredible that the sort of clarity about the Brotherhood’s intentions that the foregoing provide seems to be eluding many in official Washington and the policy elite. On closer inspection, however, the muddle-headedness that has many describing the Ikhwan as “nonviolent,” “democratic” and desirable candidates for a coalition to replace Mr. Mubarak’s dictatorship is, to use an old Soviet expression, “no accident, comrade.”

In fact, the aforementioned MB “Explanatory Memorandum” provides a list of “Our Organizations and the Organizations of Our Friends” that includes virtually every prominent Muslim-American organization in business at that time. What is incredible, therefore, is that many of these same Muslim Brotherhood fronts are used by the U.S. government for “outreach” to the Muslim community and policy advice. The nation’s top intelligence official, James Clapper, has actually characterized the resulting “dialogue with the Muslim community” as “a source of advice, counsel and wisdom.”

As a result, one other thing should be frighteningly clear: We are having our policies toward Egypt’s succession - and the tsunami it is accelerating elsewhere in the region - influenced, shaped and probably subverted by the Muslim Brotherhood’s American operatives. If we let our enemies call the shots, there is no doubt who will wind up taking the bullet.

Frank Gaffney

Frank Gaffney Jr. is the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy and author of War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World .
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