Frank Donatelli

The “inaccurate falsehoods” that Clinton denounced special interest groups for using in campaigns are exactly what the AFL-CIO is spreading about McCain. One of the biggest fallacies Big Labor will be using in their literature is to paint Senator McCain as anti-worker. McCain’s focus is on the best interests of America’s hard-working families. As President, he will ensure more of their well-earned paychecks end up in their wallets and not in the hands of the government; funding programs that aren’t working and being spent carelessly by Washington bureaucrats.

The Republican candidates have seen these tactics before and will survive the AFL-CIO’s smear campaign by focusing on communicating a hopeful and optimistic message that speaks to the future. John McCain’s wealth of character, strength, and courage will prevail and he will continue to fight for what is right for America. Just as he valiantly served his country in the military and in the U.S. Senate, McCain will proudly serve the needs of the American people in the Oval Office.

Union families will reject the stale and antiquated attacks coming from Democrat special interest groups in favor of John McCain’s strong leadership and experience.

Frank Donatelli

Frank Donatelli is Chairman of GOPAC