But, at least they have around 25 new patrol vehicles and a brand new office building. The problem is, they don’t use the vehicles or the office because there are too few of them to do so – their time is needed patrolling.

Instead of an office building, these brave men are asking for more help, more agents, a detention center, a completed wall, or support from the military. The empty building and unused vehicles stand as a stark and perfect example of how nonsensical Washington spending does not meet the real border security needs of our country.

The frontiersmen and women of Hudspeth County are cut from tough stock. They are brave. They are determined. But they are also afraid.

Although it went unsaid, they are wondering, will it take them or their children being wounded or killed before Congress stops dithering and takes serious, meaningful measures to protect them, their families, and America’s sovereign soil?

America deserves a Congress with the courage and common sense to meet its Constitutional duty of protecting our country. We need military assistance, real barriers, and more agents with the right equipment and weapons before it becomes a wide open season on our border residents.

Francisco Canseco

Francisco Canseco is the Republican nominee for Texas’ 23rd congressional district race against Democrat Ciro Rodriguez.