Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

Today, Washington State is buttoned up for whoever is the "mainstream" candidate. And even the State Party Chairman is now elected by the much more controllable "state central committee". This body is about as democratic as the "central committee of the Communist Party" in China. By limiting the influence of the hoi polloi the elites make sure it is nearly impossible for delegates committed to candidates like Ron Paul to get elected.

We give all of this history and background for the purpose of making one simple point. If the dictators that rule the GOP from DC don't watch out they will find that Ron Paul is more than an irritant. The will find that he is the candidate that if he runs third party could potentially keep them from beating Obama.

If they exercise the power they hold to freeze these people out, or as Sarah Palin says "marginalize,"it will be a mistake the entire country could pay the price for with the re-election of Obama. Instead of trying to limit the participation of the great unwashed, in 2012, Republicans should embrace anyone that will join in the great crusade to unseat Obama.

If they give the Paul activists the cold shoulder, they do so at greater risk than we think they understand.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown are both bestselling authors and speakers. In 1988, working from their kitchen table, they formed Citizens United.
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