Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

The cover-up memo released by White House Counsel Bob Bauer states that "Efforts were made in June and July of 2009 to determine whether Congressman Sestak would be interested in service on a Presidential or other Senior Executive Branch Advisory Board. The advisory positions discussed with Congressman Sestak, while important to the work of the Administration, would have been uncompensated. White House staff did not discuss these options with Congressman Sestak. The White House Chief of Staff enlisted the support of former President Clinton."

While the position offered migrated from being a job to some unnamed unpaid advisory role, the actual board discussed remains a mystery. Originally it was widely believed that Sestak was offered a spot on the Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board. This is highly unlikely given that as a sitting Congressman Sestak is ineligible to sit on that board. No government employees are allowed to sit on the Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board

Another disparity in the two stories surrounds how many times contact was made between Sestak and Clinton or was some other official from the administration also involved. The memo states that "efforts were made in June and July" to persuade Sestak to avoid the primary. Sestak claims that he only spoke with Clinton once and promptly informed him he would be staying in the race. This question was raised at a White House Press briefing and Robert Gibbs defaulted back to stonewalling and claiming that all the details are in the memo, when they clearly are not. One contact cannot happen in two different months.

In addition to whatever was offered to Rep. Sestak, the media is returning to a story that we covered in March involving Andrew Romanoff. Romanoff who is in a contested Senate primary in Colorado has long alleged that he was offered a job to drop out of the Colorado U.S. Senate race. Romanoff, to confirm his claim, released an e-mail from White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina that described three jobs that could potentially be his. As in the Sestak case these questions deserve independent investigation.

Offering a federal job in exchange for valuable actions is a felony under federal law. The only way those questions will be answered is if an independent special prosecutor is appointed to investigate. Obama promised to run an open and transparent administration and his actions have failed once again to live up to his promises. It is time for them to stop stonewalling and let the truth come out.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown are both bestselling authors and speakers. In 1988, working from their kitchen table, they formed Citizens United.
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