Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

Dobson is concerned that Sen. Obama has misled evangelicals about his own theology during his continued aggressive outreach campaign. Early in the campaign, Obama’s team hired a former Assembly of God associate minister, Joshua DuBois, to handle the outreach effort to evangelicals. His job is to vouch for the authenticity of the senator’s faith with evangelicals and he maintains a “faith forum” for discussions about the role of faith in politics at the candidate’s Web site. In addition to that, DuBois posts updates of Obama’s latest media and events related to religion on the Web site.

Obama’s campaign wants to split the Christian vote. Obama regularly attends mega-evangelical churches, those never before visited by Democratic politicians. Obama is working to convince evangelicals that a liberal agenda is consistent with the Bible. Obama articulates the idea that federally funded abortions, and poverty and foreign aid programs are congruent with Biblical mandates to help the less fortunate. He especially likes to quote passages from the teachings of Christ about outreach to the poor.

Two issues of particular concern to Dobson are homosexuality and abortion. Dobson believes that the Bible maintains that both are sinful. Obama has embraced both practices as healthy and safe. Obama advocates civil unions giving government benefits to homosexual couples similar to those of heterosexual married couples. He also believes that abortion should never be limited. He supports abortion until the ninth month of pregnancy. Obama also has supported transporting minors across state lines to receive abortions without parental consent. His abortion advocacy has earned him the endorsement of the National Abortions Rights Action League.

Obama’s efforts courting Christians could easily win him the presidency. Regular church attendees have been an important part of President Bush’s coalition for victory. Obama only has to split this group to be successful. Dobson’s remarks are sure to get the attention of some Christians, but the success of his efforts to hold Christian voters together remains to be seen. Many Christians seem willing to embrace Obama despite his heretical theology and views on homosexuality and abortion.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown are both bestselling authors and speakers. In 1988, working from their kitchen table, they formed Citizens United.
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