Erik Telford

In 2010, the American electorate delivered a stunning rebuke to the Obama agenda in a historic wave election that shifted control of Congress firmly into Republican hands. Yet, rather than heed this overwhelming public reproach, the administration has – as Kerpen says – attempted to “turn sidestepping Congress into a political virtue,” and redoubled their efforts through such actions as blocking access to domestic energy, abusive implementation of Obamacare, an all-out assault on property rights, and the list goes on and on…

This type of dictatorial action, in defiance of our constitution and every democratic principle upon which this country was founded, must be ended once and for all. Kerpen sets forth a clear path to a solution that will end executive tyranny – regardless of the political party occupying the White House.

The centerpiece of that solution is the REINS Act. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Rand Paul in the Senate and Congressman Geoff Davis in the House, would reassert the role of Congress, requiring all rules, regulations, and mandates that have a significant economic impact to be approved by the legislative branch before they can become effective. The House passed the bill, H.R. 10, a few weeks ago. The Senate should do the same.

Phil Kerpen has sounded the alarm, now it is up to all of us to stand and take action. It begins with reading “Democracy Denied,” and continues with us spreading the word to our friends, families, and fellow citizens and pressing members of Congress and candidates for Congress to commit to standing up to abuses of power from the executive branch, regardless of party.

Erik Telford

Erik Telford is President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.