Erik Telford

In the end it didn’t matter who his friends were, because online activists did the real journalism that most newspapers simply no longer do – especially when the story is about one of their left-wing heroes. But Andrew Breitbart can’t be everywhere and expose everything.

From the president to Congress to state legislators all the way down to local planning and zoning, we need thousands of dedicated activists who can take a few minutes out of their day to shine a light on government corruption and bad, expensive taxes and regulations. We need what Glenn Reynolds, the InstaPundit, called an Army of Davids to take down the Goliaths of big media and big government.

This weekend, I am proud to direct the leading conference for free-market online activism, RightOnline. We’ll be educating and training more than 1,200 Davids to join the fight and to make a difference. Clearly, the White House is worried, and they should be.

Erik Telford is the Executive Director of RightOnline, ( and Director of Online Strategy for Americans for Prosperity.

Erik Telford

Erik Telford is President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.