Erick Erickson

There are so many things wrong with what is happening in Ferguson. The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world swooped in to fan flames and fundraise before all the facts were known. They did not care about the facts. Democrats swooped in to register the rioters to vote. The media swooped in to stir the tension into ratings points. The media, in fact, play an outsized role in making the situation worse.

Then there are some conservatives who have worked over time to make sure everyone knows just what a bad person Michael Brown was. With the turn of facts, they have thumped their chests as if they won. What did they win? What victory is there in a dead 18-year-old, an injured police man and a burning city?

There are no winners in Ferguson. There is only tragedy. Any justice now gotten, if at all, will be a tainted justice that does not heal, but further divides. The gleefulness of many on both sides circling like vultures should turn stomachs, not wallets and voter registration numbers.

Michael Brown's death should not be political. The injured policeman should not be political. The majority of this country's citizens will hopefully continue to care for their neighbors and pray for the dead, the wounded and the divided in Ferguson.

There are no winners in Ferguson. Only tragedy with too few willing to let there be healing. Ferguson needs less twitter pundits and TV personalities arguing and a whole lot more people praying. Ferguson could use the Word right now, but too many are too busy profiting instead.

Erick Erickson

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