Erick Erickson

He followed with an op-ed declaring the effort as misguided as Obamacare itself. His alliance with McConnell continued throughout that primary fight, with Rand Paul delivering his utmost support and enthusiasm for the defeat of a promising tea party candidate in his home state of Kentucky. More befuddling, Paul traveled to Maine to declare that he "wholeheartedly endorse(s) Sen. Collins for re-election" -- the same Susan Collins who maintains an impeccable record of establishment bidding in Washington.

Now, Paul's commitment to defending the status quo continues, as he lends active support to the re-election of Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander. Just months ago, all three of these Paul endorsees gave the American people a stiff arm by voting in favor of a "clean" debt ceiling increase. These are frontline battles in the fight to "Make D.C. Listen," yet Paul unabashedly lends each his support to those who stand consistently on the other side of the line.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has chosen to stand alone, again and again, against the establishment. From helping lead the charge to filibuster what the establishment said was inevitable gun control, to standing toe-to-toe with the administration in a fight to defund Obamacare, to challenging his own party bosses by demanding a 60-vote threshold to increase the debt ceiling without any spending reforms, Cruz takes bullets from his own party for daring to challenge the system.

The Republican Party will not change itself. No one is going to change the party with a magical speech delivered eloquently on the Senate floor. We will not win the argument in Washington. We must remake the party one hard-fought seat at a time, focusing intently on the principles we believe can turn this country around, rather than the men who feel entitled to maintain those seats. But Ted Cruz has laid the groundwork with his campaign to "Make D.C. Listen."

Erick Erickson

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