Erick Erickson

With Cantor's defeat, House Republicans could have chosen to go a different direction and work toward some level of truce with their voters. Instead, truly stuck on stupid and not understanding what had happened, they have coalesced around the idea that Cantor's defeat was an anomaly. Cantor was just an absentee ruler from his ungrateful fiefdom whose consultants mishandled the race for him.

House leaders quickly moved to lay the groundwork for Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), presently the No. 3 Republican in the House to take Cantor's place. They rapidly set an internal election date, giving conservatives little time to mount opposition to McCarthy. But McCarthy has an even worse voting record and is a far more liberal stooge of special interests than Eric Cantor.

Heritage Action for America, which produces the most accurate scorecard of conservativeness in congress, ranks Eric Cantor with a 53 percent grade. Kevin McCarthy has a 42 percent grade. News reports surfaced earlier this year that Kevin McCarthy would be attending a retreat of the Main Street Partnership.

That organization has worked tirelessly to defeat conservatives, undermine the conservative agenda in congress and has actively opposed sitting Republican congressman for being conservative.

Kevin McCarthy voted for the massive food stamp and farm bill opposed by conservatives. In fact, a majority of Republicans rejected it, but McCarthy aligned himself with Democrats to try to get it passed. He even voted to give Barack Obama a blank check to raise the debt ceiling.

Republicans in the House of Representatives had an opportunity to do better than Cantor. Instead, they've chosen to stay stuck on stupid and keep the internal fighting alive and well.

Erick Erickson

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