Erick Erickson

But the public should also be outraged that the NBA had to be embarrassed. And the public should be embarrassed that so many are using a possibly illegally and definitely surreptitiously made recording that was pretty clearly designed to get the guy to say those things.

Within 48 hours, activists were running with this new precedent. Gay rights activists began demanding the owner of the Orlando Magic be forced to sell his team. Dick Devos, whose family owns the Magic, is an evangelical Christian. He supports traditional marriage. For this sin, he must be punished by the crowd.

It may be, however, that activists have overplayed their hand. While 3/4 of NBA owners can force one of their own to sell his team, the rush to attack other owners over their views may make the current owners second guess a forced sale. If the mob can go after one man, they can go after others, too.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, suggested last week that forcing a sale over private statements made in one's own home might not be wise. The owners could be putting themselves on treacherous ground and seem to know it.

If Donald Sterling is forced to sell his team, he would wind up making hundreds of millions of dollars as punishment. The issue is not now what happens to Donald Sterling, but what happens to the next person surreptitiously recorded in the privacy of his home.

Erick Erickson

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