Erick Erickson

Democrats worked very hard after John Kerry's defeat in 2004 to change the face of the Democratic Party. They distanced themselves from corruption and the Washington status quo. They found new faces, including an energetic man peddling hope and change. Republicans still rely on John Boehner, who has been in office since the early nineties, and Mitch McConnell, who has been in office since the mid-eighties.

If the GOP wants to advance again, it needs fresh faces. It needs fewer Senators who have kept their chairs warm since 1979. Frankly, the GOP needs outside voices willing to pull the party back toward Main Street and away from Wall Street.

Ironically, as the conservatives start challenging establishment Republicans, the establishment Republicans are fighting back by accusing the new fresh faces of being corrupted and tainted by Washington. They project onto the outsiders their own sins. And now they are organizing with big business and its lobbyists to fight back.

The Chamber of Commerce, the liberal Main Street Partnership and the campaign arms of the Republican Leaders are targeting small government, free marketers for defeat. Conservative, tea party-affiliated candidates risk dismantling the Washington status quo. That puts lobbyist income in jeopardy. A Republican Party that confuses supporting big business with supporting the free market wants to silence the voices of those who are not confused.

The question, then, is on which side will Republican voters stand — with Bevin, McDaniels, Wolf and the conservatives or with the status quo. This author has endorsed these challengers and stands against the status quo.

Erick Erickson

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