Emmett Tyrrell

Yet now Berger's story has taken a more serious turn. As part of his 2005 plea agreement, Berger promised to take a lie detector test. He never did. This week in a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, 18 Republican congressmen have asked that the Justice Department proceed with the polygraph testing of Berger. It is more critical today than it might have been back in April of 2005. This autumn a congressional committee made an astounding discovery regarding the contents of Berger's socks. The Archives had failed to catalogue the materials that they gave him to review. No one aside from Berger has any idea what he took from the Archives. He may have doctored documents. He may have destroyed documents. There have been many distinguished former government officials who lived to write their version of the history they participated in. Berger is the rare government official who has lived to erase history. A polygraph test might reveal how much history he erased.

Berger's lawyer, a veteran Clinton smog artist, Lanny Breuer, insists there is no "evidence" that his client did anything wrong. That is classic Clinton obfuscation. Berger was caught stealing classified documents from the National Archives. For a former national security adviser to do such a thing is without precedent. It now has been revealed that the Archives had not catalogued the materials it gave him. There is no precedent on the public record for that either. Berger is also a proven liar. All this constitutes "evidence" that Berger has done something very wrong. A lie detector test may give us a sense of how much wrong he did. Moreover, taking the test was part of Berger's 2005 agreement. He should live up to his agreement and take the test. The Justice Department should enforce the rule of law and make him take the test.

Yet as we have seen since the 1990s, there is a peculiar double standard in the country -- one very lax and capricious rule obtains for the Clintons and their servitors, and another duly exacting rule for the rest of us. Former State Department official Keyser is numbered among the rest of us. He was a top adviser to former Secretary of State Colin Powell -- so off to the hoosegow with him. He is disgraced and Berger is standing gloriously among us in his stocking feet.

Emmett Tyrrell

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. is founder and editor in chief of The American Spectator and co-author of Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House.
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