Elisabeth Meinecke

Though his book deals with serious themes, a photo of McCotter on the inside jacket playing a red, white, and blue guitar shows the author is anything but straight-laced. When asked if D.C. politicians in general take themselves too seriously, McCotter said he thinks the problem lies more in that they have trouble understanding what’s unimportant versus important.

"They act as if everything’s a crisis, they act as if they can control everything," McCotter said. "And so, when you lose your sense of proportionality, you tend to make mistakes."

McCotter observed that leads to D.C. politicians becoming insulated and cut off from the reality of everyday life, until they end up trying to manage yours, and everything else.

"If you’re the servant of the sovereign people, you don’t manage them, they instruct you," McCotter said.

Elisabeth Meinecke

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