Edward  Lindsey

Washington's culture of excess has hastened the decline of America's educational system. It’s time to unshackle innovation in the classroom and realize that no two students are the same.

This nation's quality of education, much like the quality of our healthcare, is falling perilously behind. If elected, I’ll work tirelessly to repair both.

I'm running for Congress in Georgia's eleventh district because I want to advocate for good policy--sound conservative ideals that will measurably improve the lives of my neighbors--in Washington. Someone has to, and not just anyone can.

Trust in those who've done it locally to do it again in Washington, and be wary of bandwagon advocates who pay lip service to educational freedom once a year.

Here's to National Charters Schools Week every week.

Edward Lindsey

Ed Lindsey, a Republican state lawmaker and former House Majority Whip, is running for Congress in Georgia’s eleventh district.