Edward  Lindsey

For ten years in the Georgia General Assembly, I strove to be a problem-solving conservative reformer. After decades of Democratic rule in the Peach State, after all, there was much work to be done: tightening a lax immigration regime; reorganizing taxes; expanding school choice; protecting the sanctity of life; working towards free-market health care solutions; protecting the Second Amendment; working for criminal justice reform; and defending the helpless victims of human trafficking.

It was a daunting agenda, but it was the program on which I was elected. The U.S. House could use much of the same and it's the principal reason I'm running today.

Now is the time to boot our zombie-lawmakers, to find worthy replacements who will solve problems rather than create them. Now is the time to end the era of aimless congressional grunting and move towards one of progress.

Edward Lindsey

Ed Lindsey, a Republican state lawmaker and former House Majority Whip, is running for Congress in Georgia’s eleventh district.