Ed Feulner
Editor's Note: In case you missed it, Ed Feulner, the President of The Heritage Foundation wrote the following email to Townhall.com readers this Tuesday morning.   As you'll see below, he's really put the pressure on us to make a real statement about the strength and power of conservatives with this Pledge Drive.  Thanks so much for all your support. - Jonathan Garthwaite, Editor
From the desk of <a href='http://cf.townhall.com/linkurl.cfm?http://www.heritage.org'>Heritage Foundation</a> President Edwin J. Feulner
September 21, 2004
"Townhall.com is "must reading" for conservatives who want to
make a difference.  One of the best compendium sites available.?
Rush Limbaugh
"Townhall.com is one of my first Internet stops every morning for conservative
information...It's an indispensable weapon in the fight for truth and liberty."
Michelle Malkin, columnist
"Townhall.com is a vital source of information for Americans wanting the
"other side of the story" and the "left-out story" and deserves our support."
Walter Williams, economist
Dear Reader,
That's the story of Townhall.com ? and I have a personal stake in its history. Not just because Townhall.com is a project of The Heritage Foundation, of which I?m the president.  No, it?s more than that?
I?m writing you today to ask a personal favor.  I am asking that you support Townhall.com's Fall Pledge Drive ? so we can continue it's unbelievable growth and extraordinary impact... success that few people expected back in 1995.
That's the year Townhall.com went online.  Today it's easy to start a website.  But back in 1995, the Internet was still a relatively new phenomenon. Uncharted territory, if you will. People were skeptical. The idea of a web-based community where conservatives could connect, trade ideas, stay up to date on the latest news and opinion ? well, it sounded like something ?space age? out of The Jetsons or Star Trek! Sounded just too good to be true.
But my colleagues and I knew it was a good idea - and we were determined to make it come true. 
I went to the Heritage Board of Trustees and explained why I thought the Internet was the most pivotal battlefield in our war of ideas, and why I believed Heritage - with our roster of renowned policy experts, our reams of in-depth research, our insightful commentary and most of all our ideas - was more qualified than any other group to launch conservatism online.
I made the case to our board and the bottom line is this: as conservative as Heritage may be, we're not a group that's afraid of new ideas. So the Heritage board allowed me to run with the idea of Townhall.com.
And now Townhall.com is a runaway success.  It's home to more than 115 conservative organizations. Over 60 conservative columnists. We reach nearly two million visitors a month.   And it seems like every day we're adding more columnists and new member groups.
Perhaps most flattering: The liberals are trying their best to copy our success with their own websites. They can sure rant and rave ? but the liberals don?t have the good ideas and great writing that define Townhall.com?and that you make possible.
No matter how much I believed in the idea of Townhall.com, and no matter how hard my colleagues at Heritage and I worked to make it a reality?Townhall.com would be nothing without the backing of friends like you who log on every day, check out the site and tell your friends about it.
You understand the importance of Townhall.com. And you know that an endeavor like this takes considerable financial commitment. In order to remain the best and most trusted source for conservative news and analysis we need to raise $150,000 in this Fall Pledge Drive. These vital funds are necessary to stay timely, stay on track and stay on top as we get into one of our busiest seasons. You are spreading the word and visiting daily and I hope I can count on you to continue your loyal support by contributing to Townhall.com?s Fall Pledge Drive today.
Whatever you send, you will reap the benefits of your investment ? especially in this election year when it seems like news is breaking every minute, a new issue is being debated every day, and the liberals are unleashing more of their phony spin every second.
I probably don't have to tell you that Townhall.com is the one website you can count on to cut through all the muck, all the fluff, all the spin, and give you the best round-the-clock coverage of this year's elections. 
- You can count on your favorite Townhall.com columnists to analyze each debate, every issue and all the twists and turns of this year's campaigns.
- You can count on the Townhall.com News Wire to bring you the real news that many media outlets flat-out ignore.
- You can count on Townhall.com to link you to America's best conservative radio talk shows, and to connect you to your elected representatives, candidates in your area and your local media - all with just the click of a mouse.
- You can count on Townhall.com to link to the all of The Heritage Foundation?s most recent research and analysis.
When I see everything we've accomplished, and all the potential that still exists, what with all the new technology, all the bells and whistles that pop up every day, that allow us to connect you more and more to the conservative movement - well, I'm more excited than ever, and more determined than ever to make Townhall.com even sharper, more informative and more entertaining for you and for ALL conservatives.  

Ed Feulner, President
The Heritage Foundation
You can make a tax deductible charitable contribution through our secure online form or by mailing it to this address:

c/o Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002-4999
Attn: Pledge Drive (hsint33)

Ed Feulner

Dr. Edwin Feulner is Founder of The Heritage Foundation, a Townhall.com Gold Partner, and co-author of Getting America Right: The True Conservative Values Our Nation Needs Today .
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