Doug Wilson

Is this the kind of leader you want in Congress just so Republicans will “learn a lesson”? It’s almost like sending your child to his room for two years because he didn’t eat his vegetables. In parenting, like politics, the goal should always be to punish—and teach—but not to ruin. And when you think about some of the progress we’ve made as a country since 1994—well, let’s just say we can’t afford to ruin it.

So here’s my challenge to you: Get active. Get involved. As citizens we must choose to be involved, even if we aren’t entirely happy with the way things are in Washington. And being involved is a lot more than reading articles on Townhall or talking about your ideas with friends. Being involved is giving your time to reach the people who might be on the fence or just need a nudge to make a difference. No matter your position, an army of volunteers from all walks of life will win elections.

Consider this: A friend of mine who runs a large political action committee (PAC) in California was comparing how his PAC works with how another Republican PAC in the same county operates. My friend’s PAC is made up of mostly middle class Americans who give small amounts of money but believe passionately in their ideas. The other PAC is composed of rich executives who are content to merely write checks. My friend believes that the passion and commitment of his middle-class supporters far outweighs the impact of a handful of fat cats writing checks.

There are many ways to help. For example, I’m planning to work a phone bank. If you have not done this, give it a try. It’s simple: call your local party office (which you can find with a simple Google search) and ask them how you can help get out the vote. They will gladly plug you into very needed help.

Tim Russert, from Meet the Press, said that the winner in this November election will not be the group with the most money but the group with the most volunteers. We learned this lesson in 2004, as an army of Bush-Cheney volunteers outperformed the mostly paid staff of the Kerry-Edwards campaign and led the GOP to victory. We need to show the same enthusiasm during these final days of the 2006 campaign. So please, set aside your just grievances for a bit and take two actions – volunteer and vote. If you don’t, we might all live to experience what it’s like to be sent to our room for two years with no way out.

Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson is the the co-author, with Edwin Feulner, of Getting America Right: The True Conservative Values Our Nation Needs Today.

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