Douglas MacKinnon

Of course, this would be the same leadership that threatens the few conservatives in the House with expulsion from committee assignments if they don't tow the "water down our principles" line, so their ducking an issue of integrity may be understandable.

In and of itself, that's yet another glaring example of why the liberals now control the megaphone of America and rule supreme. All too often, conservatives, Christians and anyone who espouses traditional values will simply wring their hands and say "what are we to do" when their beliefs are attacked or eradicated.

The polar-opposite of that being the reaction from the far left when they feel threatened. Be it gay marriage, the unsustainable and economy-destroying benefits for public-employees, "global warming," ObamaCare, extending unemployment benefits to infinity, open borders, legalizing drugs or a host of other issues, many on the far left will fight tooth and nail to defend that which is dear to them.

They will march, they will boycott, they will harass, they will cyber-attack, they will be relentless. And finally, they will intimidate many politicians and corporations into complete capitulation.

As to why those who believe in traditional values and the rule of law don't fight back, it's because everywhere they turn, they see the battle lost.

The media? The far left controls it. Entertainment? The far left controls it. Education from pre-school to post-graduate? The far left controls it. Music? The far left controls it. Pulitzer and Nobel prizes? The far left controls them. The unions? The far left controls them. Historians? The far left are the historians.

The "message" of America? The far-left dictates it.

Somewhere along the way, conservatives and all who believe in traditional values ceded every single bully-pulpit to the far left. The evidence is clear:

The far left has won, and its power grab and influence continues unabated. Now what?

Douglas MacKinnon

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of The Secessionist States of America. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014)

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