Douglas MacKinnon
New York Democrat Anthony Weiner's tortured answers about his "Twitter-gate" episode and the mainstream media's at least initial reluctance to cover the story, speaks volumes not only about the No. 1 obstacle the GOP faces in trying to retake the White House in 2012. It also speaks to the No. 1 obstacle millions of like-minded Americans face as they fight to protect and preserve traditional values, the rule of law, common sense and our sovereign borders.

If you are a Republican, a conservative or an American who does believe in traditional values, you have met the enemy, and it's the mainstream media. Period. Don't take my word for it. Read the verbatim words of two liberal editors.

With regard to the highly negative, unfair and clearly biased treatment John McCain and Sarah Palin received in 2008, John F. Harris and Jim Vandehei, editors of the liberal paper Politico said:

"OK, let's just get this over with: Yes, in the closing weeks of this election, John McCain and Sarah Palin are getting hosed in the press, and at Politico. And, yes, based on a combined 35 years in the news business we'd take an educated guess — nothing so scientific as a Pew study — that Obama will win the votes of probably 80% or more of journalists covering the 2008 election..."

Obama got the votes of 80% or more of "journalists" covering the 2008 election. That in and of itself should be news, but is not. Instead, it's just one of many red flags waved in the face of Republicans, conservatives and those who believe in traditional values who in turn, dismiss this reality with a shrug of their shoulders while saying, "That's the way it is. That's the status quo."

Except it's not just the "status quo." It's a total and deliberate disregard for ethics that is literally jeopardizing the very well-being of our Republic.

Douglas MacKinnon

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of The Secessionist States of America. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014)

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