Douglas MacKinnon

In my novel “America’s Last Days”  -- which takes place a number of years in the future and depicts a revolution from within -- my characters talk about the just-completed war with Mexico started because of Mexico’s militarization of our southwest border and the many incursions into sovereign U.S. territory by their military and drug cartels.

After the novel came out, I got numerous emails from those on the left accusing me of being a bigot, an alarmist  and “anti-Latino.”  My Hispanic-American wife was most amused by the last charge.  Today, anarchy, chaos, and corruption reign in Mexico and the incursions into our sovereign territory by Mexican forces increase.

Next comes a short-story I was asked to write for Townhall Magazine for their September 2008 edition.  I was asked to “fictionalize” what it might be like two years into an Obama administration.  In the body of my short story, I imagined (among other things which have come to pass) a car-bomb being detonated in Times Square.

Again came the emails from the left attacking me for being a racist and an alarmist.  Of course, when the real Jihadist Times Square bomber was stopped by luck three months ago, no emails from the far-left.

Last is my just-released novel entitled “Vengeance Is Mine.”  In the body of the book, my traditional values private investigator weaves in a potentially very serious charge against a former liberal president and the fact that the current liberal president is actively trying to take our guns and ammo as he tries to swing our Republic hard left.  Once again, the hate-filled emails have come my way.

On the creative front, conservatives must not shy away from defending our values and our vision for our nation.  For the moment, Meryl Streep and the far-left control much of the message.

It’s up to conservatives, moderates and independents to change that destructive dynamic.  Words do matter.

Douglas MacKinnon

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of The Secessionist States of America. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014)

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