Douglas MacKinnon

As if to underline the loathing of Mr. Bush and the denial of any of his success, "Historian" Mr. Dallek predictably suggested to Mr. Wallace that while, thanks to the Watergate tapes, Mr. Nixon's crimes were well documented, we would have to wait until such documentation on Mr. Bush emerged before his sins would become more apparent. Mr. Wallace again became frustrated that a "historian" would utter such an ignorant and biased statement and said, "You make suppositions on no facts whatsoever." To which Mr. Dallek incredulously replied, "Do you read The New York Times?"

As one who spent three years working in a joint command in the Pentagon with a top secret clearance, and with the full knowledge that the American people -- and that includes the powers that be in Hollywood -- are not privy to the vast amount of information or intelligence used to protect them, I'd like to pose a very probable scenario to Messrs. Howard, Morgan, Reston, and Dallek: What if, based on up-to-the-minute intelligence contained in the President's Daily Briefing (the PDB), President Barack Obama is confronted with horrific information that the candidate Obama never saw, and decides --purely in the national security interests of our nation -- to keep in place some of the policies of the hated Mr. Bush? What critical movie, biased historical supposition, or slanted screenplay will they offer up in criticism of Mr. Obama? For that matter, what critical movies of any presidents other than Messrs. Nixon and Bush, would the panel consider? Surely Mr. Dallek knows that unbiased history tells us that President Lyndon Johnson abused his office and power.

In the last several years, Hollywood has produced a number of money-losing failures aimed at Mr. Bush. It is the right of those investors, screenwriters, producers and directors to make films that the vast majority of Americans choose not to see. Just as it is Mr. Howard's right to make yet another film demonizing Mr. Nixon.

At what point however, does Hollywood let their irrational and often factually inaccurate hatred for these two presidents go and move on? Obviously, they are not there yet.

Douglas MacKinnon

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of The Secessionist States of America. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014)

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