Douglas MacKinnon

Like Mr. Lamont, Mr. Obama is basically a one-trick pony. In spite of his risky inexperience, gerrymandered and racially diverse liberal newsrooms, decided to devote hours of television time and barrels of ink to Mr. Obama at the expense of highly experienced, long-serving Democrat candidates like Chris Dodd and Joe Biden. Why?

One reason is human nature. As America’s newsrooms slant continually more diverse, liberal, and younger, it’s natural for those reporters and editors to cover and write about those who look and sound like them. While not a favorable trend for older, white male politicians like Messrs. Dodd, Biden, or even Lieberman, it’s proven magical for Mr. Obama. So much so, that he is the odds-on favorite to capture the Democrat nomination.

Then what? Does he go on to make history as he sweeps into the White House, or does he follow the election model of Mr. Lamont? A model that proved, that while Lamont had the fanatical backing to secure the Democrat nomination for the Senate among a relatively small pool of voters, when Mr. Lieberman refused to be driven from public service by the far-left and mounted a challenge to Mr. Lamont as an independent candidate in the general election, the voters of Connecticut took a deep breath, cleared their heads, assessed the empty resume of Mr. Lamont, and then overwhelming re-elected Mr. Lieberman.

How broad and deep is the support for Mr. Obama? If he does secure the nomination, America will take time to pause. When it does, millions of voters will finally focus on the election. When they do, many will come to the conclusion that Mr. Obama is an illusion. A projection on a screen of a politician that does not exist. In the face of the hype and not ready to turn over the Oval Office to an illusion, millions of voters will dig deeper and discover a man with no experience who wants to add $900 billion to their tax burden, socialize medicine, and strip our military and intelligence services of the tools they need to monitor and defeat the terrorists poised to strike into the heart of America.

When such needed reflection takes place, Mr. Obama will be exposed as, not an agent of change, but as the national Mr. Lamont.

Douglas MacKinnon

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of The Secessionist States of America. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014)

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