Douglas MacKinnon

In listening to Limbaugh the other day, I was alerted to a column by former George W. Bush speechwriter Mike Gerson, that ran in the John McCain supporting Washington Post. In the body of the pro-McCain column, Gerson made some assertions that are flat out wrong.

Gerson said, “…by the summer of 2007, the Republican presidential candidate most closely identified with the war, John McCain, was in serious trouble.” Gerson painstaking painted the picture that McCain fell out of favor with Republicans and conservatives because he was supporting an unpopular surge. Nothing could be further from the truth. Conservatives overwhelming supported the surge.

McCain was in “serious trouble” in the summer of 2007 with conservatives and Republicans, because of his partnership with Ted Kennedy to support amnesty for illegal aliens. Gerson knows that, but such facts detract from the rewriting of McCain history now taking place across the communications spectrum.

Gerson next stated, “…The revival of McCain’s campaign was possible for one reason: the revival of American fortunes in Iraq.” Give me a break. The revival of McCain’s campaign came about for two irrefutable reasons that had nothing to do with Iraq. First, because Huckabee upset Mitt Romney in Iowa thanks to the record breaking evangelical vote. Second, with the Romney stumble, the liberal media decided to amuse itself by trying to retrieve McCain from the conservative slag-heap and see if they could install him as the Republican front runner. Timed to help him win the New Hampshire primary, the liberal Boston Globe, Concord Monitor, and the amnesty-favoring Boston Herald, all endorsed McCain. The Concord Monitor then took the unprecedented step of smearing Romney in an “un-endorsement” editorial.

John McCain is a good and decent man. He is a decorated patriot who only has the best interests of our nation at heart. Those who say otherwise, do not know the man. That said, he is not – as all of his ads now proclaim – a “True Conservative.” He is not a “Ronald Reagan” conservative. He is a moderate at best, and he has every right to be a moderate. Blue or otherwise.

Senator McCain has the right to his opinions and beliefs. He paid a steep price in the defense of liberty and must be afforded every courtesy. He warmly and articulately stated some of those beliefs before the CPAC convention last week. Remarks that were generally well received by an anxious and curious audience.

However, thanks to the constitution Senator McCain put himself in harms way to protect, conservatives and talk show hosts also have a right to their opinions and beliefs. Many openly wonder what effect a McCain general election candidacy or presidency would have on the conservative movement. That is their right. They are not the enemies of John McCain nor the GOP. They seek nothing more than the truth.

In the stampede of some “Republicans” to curry favor with the presumptive nominee, they must not subvert the truth for access. For if they do, such actions will prove that the left has won, the nation will be ruled by one ideology, and that basically no one cares.

No one that is, but talk show hosts going the way of the dinosaur.

Douglas MacKinnon

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of The Secessionist States of America. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014)

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