Douglas MacKinnon

With two, just published, major magazine pieces on my new novel entitled “America’s Last Days,” there seems to be some degree of controversy brewing. As such, I was asked if I might want to use this space to explain my motivation as well as the motivation of my fictional super-militia -- which seeks to foster a revolution from within, and is headed up by the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the former Director of the FBI.

Just yesterday (as I write this), I received a call from a former high level government official who has read parts of the book, as well as the two magazine pieces (U.S. News & World Report and Publishers Weekly) and said, “You had better watch your back. The U.S. government may try to come after you over this book. It’s making people nervous.”

I fully understand that some may see this as spin from an author trying to sell books. It is not. While clearly, I do want to sell books, it was not my intention to write this column as a vehicle to do so. I was asked to provide excerpts that frame the motivation.

My motivation is simple. To try and tell a good story that encompasses much of the turmoil of our everyday lives. The motivation of the leaders of my fictional militia is a bit more complicated. They believe the United States of America is in a death spiral from which it can’t recover. As such, they believe it is their duty to act.

This first excerpt takes place between the former Director of the FBI and the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

““How did we get this way, John? Why are they forcing us to do this terrible thing?”

Douglas MacKinnon

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of The Secessionist States of America. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014)

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