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According to Matthew 19:4-6 Jesus said, many moons ago when He was walking the mean streets of Galilee, that marriage is a union that God ordained between a man and a woman. He said it. I didn’t. So, if you’re going to get pissy then take it up with the Son of God.

Heck, even Hillary, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin agreed with Jesus’ assessment of what constitutes a marriage; and they said so in no uncertain terms that nuptials were for a man and a woman; and they held that position until they folded like a cheap suit before the powerful gay lobbies who threaten their political careers. But enough about those hacks -- lets go back to JC.

Now, I would remind those who supposedly take their cue from Jesus that there were gay dudes and dudettes around Him in His day. It’s not like homosexuality just started showing up during Liberace’s lifetime. Gays have been around since the dawn of man. Matter of fact, I think that was the name of the first gay rock band.

Indeed, several cities such as Sodom and Gomorrah celebrated homosexuality, as did ancient Greece and Rome. By the way, what ever happened to those cities and cultures? Oh, never mind. I’m getting distracted. Let’s go back to Matthew’s Gospel.

The God of Love said, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in the midst of a culture that contained gays, that when it comes down to what constitutes a marriage in God’s eyes, well … that would be a union that is fundamentally betwixt a guy and a girl. But then again … what does Jesus know? Heck … He can’t be smarter than a postmodern twenty-something, can He? Surely, He’s not keener than a radical Leftist. Jesus couldn’t have been shrewder than say, Rosie O’Donnell when it comes to the divine pattern prescribed for the continuity of God’s created order for humanity, right? Huh?

So, what do you guys think? Was Jesus out to lunch on what constitutes a marriage in God’s eyes or what? Do you think Rosie, Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton are smarter than He was/is? Lay it on me, peeps.

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